Set Up A Comcast Hd Cable Box

HD cable boxes use AV cables or HDMI cables.

Comcast’s HD cable boxes allow viewers to watch high-definition programming. Only with the use of an HD box can users see HD channels and programs; in addition, users need HDMI cables to maximize the picture quality of a television. Comcast HD boxes do not include HDMI cables. Instead, HD boxes are sold with standard, AV component cables that are used for viewing and hearing the television.


1. Insert the power cord into the cable box.

2. Insert the cable wire into the “Cable” plug on the back of your HD box.

3. Insert the AV or HDMI cables into the cable box. If you are using an HDMI cable, you only need to insert the HDMI cable into the “HDMI” slot located on both the cable box and on the television. If you are using AV cables, insert the cables into the back of the cable box according to color, with the yellow cables going into the “Video” plug and the red and white cables going into the “Audio” plugs.

4. Turn on your cable box. Using your television’s remote control, adjust the picture input to the correct video component. See your television’s instruction manual for correct picture input instructions.