Set Up A Harman Kardon Avr 20

Center and rear speakers may be connected via the “Center/Rear Speaker” terminals.

Acting as a central port for multiple media items is the primary purpose of the Harman Kardon model AVR-20 receiver. Upon receiving your device, you might have a few questions about the basic setup. Following a few steps, you will be ready to operate your Harman Kardon effectively and efficiently in little time. Learn to properly power your device, setup the FM antenna, securely connect a DVD or VCR, attach a TV monitor and hook up speakers.


1. Place your receiver on a flat surface. Plug the receiver’s power cord firmly and securely into an AC wall outlet. Make sure the outlet is properly functioning by first testing it with another electronic device.

2. Setup an FM indoor antenna by attaching a 300 ohm/75 ohm adapter to the supplied FM antenna. Plug the other end of the 75 ohm FM terminal (on the back panel in the upper-left corner). Move the antenna to different areas, until you’re satisfied with the reception quality.

3. Locate the audio/video out jacks on your DVD player or VCR. Insert the red-tipped and white-tipped plugs on the audio/visual cables into the audio portion of the player and the yellow-tipped plug into the video portion. On the back panel of the receiver, insert the red-tipped and white-tipped audio cables into the “VCR 1” section of the “Video” section (at the left of the “Monitors” section). Insert the yellow-tipped cable end into the “VCR 1 In” jack. Confirm that all connections are seated firmly into both the player and the receiver.

4. Connect your TV to the “Monitor 1” jack of the “Monitors” section on the back panel (at the right of the “Video” section) using the monitor’s connection cable. Confirm that the connections to the TV and receiver are secure. Turn on the DVD player, receiver and TV. Play a video to confirm that the TV has a picture.

5. Connect up to two sets of right and left speakers into the “Front Speaker” terminals (to the left of the AC outlets on the back of the receiver). Connect one set to the upper connectors (right and left), and the other set to the lower connectors (right and left). Confirm that the positive and negative speaker cords are connected to the corresponding positive and negative terminals on the receiver.