Set Up An Hd Monitor On A Computer

Set Up an HD Monitor on a Computer

Although HD TVs are great for watching High Definitition TV PRogramming, HD monitors are just as popular for viewing high definition viseo on your computer. Setting up an HD monitor for your computer is fairly straightforward, and once you’ve got everything plugged in, you’ll be able to enjoy high quality media from your desktop.


1. Take a look at your computer’s monitor inputs. There are several different types, including the standard VGA (which is wide with little pins in it) as well as the more rounded S-Video input. Some high-end computers also have HDMI ports. Of course, the HDMI will give you the truest HD, but the S-video cord also will produce high-quality video output. Although the VGA output is the least desirable option, you can still get high-quality images from an HD monitor that uses a VGA port.

2. Match your computer‘s inputs with your HD monitor’s outputs. If you only see a VGA input on your computer, then you will need a VGA cord to connect your monitor to your computer. The same thing goes for S-Video and HDMI. Fortunately, since computer inputs vary, most HD monitors come with a multi-plug that can fit a variety of input/output schemes.

3. Power off your computer, and plug in your new monitor. Simply match the cords to the input/output scheme you identified in steps one and two.

4. Wait for the computer to reboot. Turn the computer back on, and wait for it to recognize the new monitor input. If you were using a CRT monitor before, you may need to go to the “Display Settings” area and change the viewing mode to “Widescreen” if the new display is not detected automatically.

5. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and other settings. Your new monitor should have several buttons on the side or bottom that allow you to adjust your settings. Simply find the “Menu” button” and follow the prompts with the arrow buttons on your monitor to adjust these settings.