Setup 3 Scsi Drives

Small Computer System Interface, or SCSI (pronounced “scuzzy”), is a type of bus used primarily in high-end computer workstations as well as servers. SCSI is also known for having much higher-performing hard disk drives compared with parallel and serial ATA. These drives are also appropriately much more expensive. Set up a three-drive SCSI system based on U160/U320 specifications.


1. Install the SCSI host adapter into the computer. Use a PCI slot close to your drive bays.

2. Set each SCSI drive with a different SCSI ID–ideally, the boot drive with ID 0 and so on. It is recommended to use sequential numbers.

3. Install the three drives to the computer in numerical order, drive ID 0 lowest, drive ID 2 highest. Install them right next to each other. Attach the LVD cable to the host adapter and drives. The single connector that is far away from all of the others is the one you attach to the host adapter. Then attach the nearest connector to drive ID 0, and each subsequent connector to the next drive.

4. Attach the LVD terminator to the last empty LVD cable drive connector. Plug power connectors into all three SCSI drives.