Setup An Hp 10bll Calculator

The Hewlett Packard 10B (HP 10Bll) is a professional financial calculator that includes Algebraic Entry System Logic for enter data formed in algebraic notation. Other financial features include variable compounding, time value of money (TVM), cash flow analysis and net present value (NPV). When you first use your HP 10Bll calculator you can set up the display function, annual compounding and how many decimals you want to be displayed at a time.


1. Turn your calculator on.

2. Adjust the display screen contrast to meet your preference by holding down the “On” button and pressing the “+” or “-” buttons.

3. Press the “1” button and then press the “Shift” button. Press the “PMT” button.

4. Press the “Shift” button and then press the “C” button. You should see “1 p_yr” appear on your screen.

5. Change the number of decimal numbers that can be displayed by pressing the “Shift” button and then the “=” button. Enter a number higher than two for the number of decimals you want displayed.