Setup Hd 5850 Crossfire

ATI’s CrossFire gaming system uses the combined power of multiple graphics processing units, or GPUs, to increase performance. You can install an ATI Radeon HD 5850 base graphics card along with a compatible ATI Radeon graphics card, and link the two together for play. This physical link, combined with up-to-date software drivers, increases performance across the board, including improved resolution capabilities and increased frame rates. This will lead to smooth game play with the settings details of your computer’s software set to maximum.


1. Remove the cover to your PC’s case by loosening the screws that secure the cover to the body of the case with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the cover forward so that you can access the internal parts.

2. Install the two HD 5850 graphics cards into the first two open PCI-e graphics card slots. These are the longer expansion slots at the back of your motherboard adjacent to the back of the case. Clear the slots for installation by removing the screws that hold the two case slot covers for the two expansion slots into the back of the case, then pull the slot covers free. Slide the graphics cards into the open slots until the levers at the back of the slots click upward against the backs of the cards.

3. Plug a six-pin power cord from your power supply into the back of each card. Attach the CrossFire bridge chip onto the small slots at the top of the graphics cards to physically connect the two cards.

4. Replace the PC cover, securing it to the case with screws. Attach a video cable to the video outlet at the back of the first HD 5850 card installed. Attach the other end of the cable to your system monitor.

5. Turn on the PC and the monitor. Wait for the system to load the Windows operating system.

6. Log onto the AMD site and download the drivers for the ATI Radeon HS 5850. Save the driver installation file to your hard drive and run the file by double-clicking on the file name. Follow the driver setup information to install the drivers for your system. Restart the computer after the drivers are installed to enable the use of the cards in CrossFire mode.