Shift A Harley Davidson Street Bob Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson twin cam engine

The Street Bob is one of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the Dyna line. It has a custom look that includes a bobbed fender, solo seat, mini “ape-hanger” handlebars, and a blacked-out motor. The “Bobber” look is minimalist, and the motorcycle comes from the factory with no tachometer. It’s necessary for the rider to learn the point for shifting by the sound of the engine.



1. Accelerate, rolling the throttle toward you with your right hand, until the Street Bob should be shifted into a higher gear. After you’ve been riding the motorcycle for a while, you’ll be able to tell by the sound of the engine. At first, consider shifting every 10 mph.

2. Roll off the throttle (away from you) while squeezing the clutch lever with your left hand.

3. Lift firmly on the shifter, which is the lever located in front of the left foot peg, with your left foot.

4. Ease out the clutch lever while rolling back on the throttle.


5. Decelerate by rolling the throttle away from you until a down shift is required. As with upshifting, with time you’ll be accustomed to the sound of the engine. Stay with the 10 mph rule on the downshift at first. Remember that it is better to have the engine at higher revolutions per minute (RPMs) than lugging the engine (low RPMs).

6. Roll off the throttle completely while squeezing the clutch.

7. Press firmly down on the shift lever with your left foot.

8. Ease out the clutch lever. If you are down shifting to come to a stop, rolling on the throttle is not necessary. If you are down shifting before a curve or to gain power to pass a vehicle, roll on the throttle.

Shifting to Neutral

9. Roll off the throttle and squeeze the clutch lever.

10. Press firmly on the shift lever with your foot, repeatedly, until you can no longer shift down.

11. Lift up on the shift lever gently with your left foot to find neutral, which is halfway between first and second gear.

12. Ease out the clutch lever slowly. If the rear wheel is still under power from the transmission, squeeze the clutch back in and tap the shifter lightly to find neutral. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 until you’ve found neutral.