Ship A Motorcycle From The Usa

Shipping a motorcycle requires proper documents.

American motorcycles are well made and highly respected all over the world. Many international businesses and private parties purchase motorcycles made in America. The cost of these motorcycles is significantly less than in their own country. After a sale takes place, shipment from the U.S. is a process that requires specific shipping documents and compliance with both American and the destination country’s import/export laws. Likewise, motorcycles that are shipped abroad for personal use (such as relocation overseas) must follow the designated safety procedures.


1. Prepare the motorcycle to be shipped. Make sure it is clean and all fluids are removed. If the motorcycle is used, drain the gas tank to at least one-fourth full. Leave the motorcycle in an upright position and disconnect the battery.

2. Decide if you wish to ship the motorcycle in a shipping crate or as loose freight. Crating is required by most international carriers and is therefore recommended. Pack the motorcycle into the crate or hire a crating company to do this service for you. Write down the weight and the dimensions (length by width by height) of your container.

3. Locate international shipping companies (freight forwarders) in your home area. Inquire to several companies and request rate quotes for shipment of your bike. In order to receive a rate quote, you must provide the name and address of both the shipper and consignee – receiving party, the weight and dimensions of your crated bike, when you need the shipment delivered, insurance specifications, and which level of service you desire. You can choose full door-to-door service or less expensive service such as port-to-port. Shipping companies will take a few days to prepare quotes.

4. Compare quotes and decide which company to use. Apart from price, research the history of the company and their level of expertise in shipping motorcycles. Choose a company and provide the required shipping documents: Title (permission to ship motorcycle by any lien holder), a copy of valid identification, commercial invoice, and certificate of origin. Your freight forwarder can advise you, if you need help preparing any documents.

5. Prepay for shipping service. Drop off the bike to the shipping company at an agreed location or tender the bike to the carrier for door-to-door service. Your shipping company will provide you with a tracking number to follow the progress of your shipment.