Ship A Motorcycle To China

Ship your motorcycle to China using an international shipping company

If you own a motorcycle and you’re planning on moving, or perhaps you sell the bike to someone overseas, you may need to ship it internationally. You can easily ship motorcycles using an international carrier, even to China. Your cycle must be crated and shipped on an ocean freighter. These companies can pick up the motorcycle at your home and have it shipped to China within approximately 45 days.


1. Contact the motorcycle shipping company of your choice to schedule a pick-up date. A few choices are JC Motors, Berklay Cargo Services or Schumacher Cargo Logistics.

2. Purchase a motorcycle crate. This will be an additional cost on top of the shipping costs, approximately $540. The shipping company will deliver the specialized crate to your home before the date of the shipment. Crate the motorcycle according to the instructions the company provides, using a hammer, screwdriver and pliers.

3. Fill out the international shipping paperwork that the shipping company sends you. The firm will file this appropriately to ensure that your bike makes it through customs at the shipping destination.

4. Ship the motorcycle. A delivery truck will pick up the crated bike from your home on the designated shipping day.

5. Watch for delivery confirmation. Once the bike reaches its final destination 30-45 days later, you will receive confirmation that it has reached its destination.