Shop For Maternity Clothes

A maternity shirt.

Once you discover that you are pregnant, you don’t have too long before you will need to buy maternity clothes. You will begin to show by the fourth month, and by month five, your clothes will begin to feel too tight. Maternity clothes give you room for your belly to grow up to your ninth month.


1. Shop for maternity clothes in a thrift shop. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for clothes you are only going to wear for a few months.

2. Shop at department stores. Look for cotton and spandex maternity pieces that are comfortable and roomy. Buy pants in blue, black, brown and white. Buy shirts that you can wear with the pants. (You will need more shirts than pants.)

3. Go to a specialty store for one or two fancy maternity outfits. Consider fancy pants and a top, or a nice dress.

4. Shop for bras at a store that does fittings, such as Fashion Bug. You will need to buy several different bra sizes throughout your pregnancy, and may need to be fitted two or three times before your baby is born.

5. Buy regular clothes to compliment your maternity wear. Look for shirts that are snug under the bust, then flow out at the belly. Shop for jeans and pants with an elastic waist.