Single Sided Swingarm Specs

Single sided swingarms were made popular in large part by Ducati’s 916 of the early 90’s

In recent years the single sided swing-arm has gained a large amount of popularity. With Ducati readopting it when they replaced the 999 with the 1098, and other motorcycle companies such as MV Agusta following suit, there’s no question it’s become something of a motorcycle fashion statement. However before considering modifying your bike and replacing your dual sided arm with a single counterpart, you should know the options available to you.

Ducati Swingarm

As with most singles, Ducati uses an aluminum alloy for their singles. This allows for strength and stiffness to withstand the torsional forces encountered by single sided swing-arms. They use a fully adjustable Ohlins monoshock and are made to work ideally with Marchesini wheels.

MV Agusta Swingarm

MV Agusta single-sided swingarms used on the Brutale and F4 motorcycles are made from magnesium for further stiffness and weight conservation. The one found on the Brutale work with a SACHS rear shock and are more ideal for converting a naked or standard bike, rather than the sportier variety.

Roaring Toyz Swingarm

Probably the most popular of the custom swingarm manufacturers, Roaring Toyz’s Billet Aluminum Single Sided Swing-arms are extremely strong and very popular. Just like the Ducati’s Roaring, Toyz manufactures their swingarms from an aluminum alloy, however they allow for different color and finish options. They are also making this swing-arm custom for your bike, including all materials needed, and throwing in a free wheel. They are available all the way to 12 inches over stock and are a great option, but they will run you several thousand dollars.

Tricked Out Cycles Swingarm

The final single sided swing-arm, and one that is also custom, is Tricked Out Custom Cycles swingarms. They are made from high-grade, 4130 chromoly for unbeatable strength and come in lengths from 2 all the way to 24 inches over stock. They also make them to fit big wheel ranging from standard 240 wheel all the way up to the 360s. As with the Roaring Toyz swing-arms these come highly recommended in every aspect, but will cost you a pretty penny starting at just under 6 thousand for their cheapest kit.