Slipon Exhaust Work On A Harleydavidson Motorcycle


A slip-on exhaust is designed to fit over your existing Harley-Davidson pipes. The slip-on exhaust is usually a pipe with a muffler to reduce noise. The pipe end is just a simple chrome exhaust pipe, and the exit end has a muffler built on to the pipe. In some cases the Harley-Davidson slip-on exhaust pipes are tapered at the front end so the pipes contract in size as they go forward. This allows you to easily slide the pipe on to the bike and to get a better fit. It is designed this way so that you can install them on the road without a lot of tools.


It’s easy to use a slip-on exhaust to reduce noise. If you are riding your bike into a state or region that has laws and regulations for traffic noise, you can very easily slide the exhaust on beforehand and avoid a fine. When you leave that area, you can remove it and continue enjoying your roaring bike. Some slide-on exhausts also offer a level of performance enhancement due to the shape of the pipe, but mainly, the gains are convenience, versatility and muted noise.


There are many types of slide-on exhausts for the Harley-Davidson. BUB makes a series of slide-on exhausts made for bikes of all ranges (low to high levels of engine output). Typically, the exhausts are made with stainless steel or chromed aluminum. They have a simple flare design with ends that are cut inwards and capped with billet aluminum. Cobra also makes slide-on exhaust for the Harley. They come in a range of sizes and fit a wide range of model years.