Sony Picture Motion Browser Tutorial

Sony PMB makes it easy to manage your photos and videos.

Sony Picture Motion Browser (PMB) is a software distributed with Sony cameras, camcorders, and printers. The software allows you to manage and edit pictures and movies. Using a graphical representation of a calendar, you can easily locate pictures and videos stored on you computer by the you shot them. Additionally, you can edit, print and copy media to CD and DVD. The software also lets you share photos and videos by email or through websites such as Facebook and YouTube.


1. Insert the Sony PMB CD in your CD drive, and have your Sony camera, camcorder or printer nearby. Follow the on-screen instructions to install PMB to its default location. At the end of the installation, connect your Sony device to the computer, plugging one end of the USB cable into the device and the other into the computer. The software then updates with additional features specific to your device. Disconnect your device and restart the computer to finish the installation.

2. Plug one end of the USB cable into the device and the other into the computer. Click “Import media files from the camera to Picture Motion Browser on the computer” in the window that automatically opens. In the next window that opens, click “Import only media file that have not been imported” and click “OK.” Click “Import” in the final window.

3. Click “File” and then “Register Folders” to register folders on your computer. Click the check boxes to the left of the folders to add the folders you want Sony PMB to include. The pictures and videos in these folders will be included in the calendar view.

4. Double-click the Sony PMB icon on the computer desktop, or click “Start,” “All Programs,” and “Sony PMB” to open the program. The program will also automatically open when you connect your Sony device. Sony PMB offers the calender view, which displays your media files in a graphical calendar format. Click on a date in the calendar to view all photos and videos taken on that date.

5. Double-click a photo in the calendar view to edit an individual photo. A menu with multiple editing options appears on the right side of the image. You can adjust the color options and crop or resize the photo with your mouse in the menu. Double-clicking on a video file from the calendar menu to edit a specific video. Video editing options include trimming, converting the video format and capturing a single still image.

6. Click the photos you want to email from the calendar view and then click the “Email” button to email photos. Follow the on-screen instructions. Click on the photos you want to upload and click the “Media Services” button. Click on the service you want upload to, such as Picasa or Facebook, and follow the on-screen instructions. You can upload videos to Facebook and YouTube by following the same steps.