Speakers To A Helmet

Helmet speakers have integrated fun and safety in using motorcycle helmets. The rider can listen to music as he rides his bike, taking the boredom out of those long drives on the road. The speakers may also be connected to an intercom system to allow communication between two riders with the addition of a microphone. Rest assured that even more improvements will be made to pack in other uses for helmet speakers without compromising the safety of the rider.


1. Remove the left and right ear pads from inside the helmet. For helmets without removable ear pads, a small portion of the helmet’s fabric liner will be cut out. Cut out circles, big enough to fit the left and right speakers, on the helmet’s fabric lining using the utility knife. Remove enough of the fabric lining to expose the hard polystyrene surface inside the helmet.

2. Stick the Velcro discs from the kit into the hard polystyrene surface of the helmet: one Velcro disc each for the left and right ear pad recesses.

3. Press the speakers into their respective Velcro discs.

4. Insert the speaker wires between the helmet’s shell and inner lining using the wooden stick from the kit. Start from the wires at the base of the speaker and work your way to the middle of the helmet.