Specifications For 2007 Flhx Tires

Know your tires before you buy.

The Harley-Davidson Street Glide FLHX motorcycle has full touring capacities, designed for comfort on both long and short trips. To get the best driving experience, you need the right kind of tires. There are two different size tires for the FLHX. The front tire has a curved design to help you obtain smooth steering and the rear tire is a bit flatter for better traction and mileage. Understanding the specifications for these tires will help you make a more informed decision of your tire purchase.


There are two recommended tire sizes for the Harley-Davidson Street Glide FLHX. The front tire should be a MT90B-16 72H. The rear tire should be a MT85B-16 77H. These sizes provide for a higher load capacity and extended mileage capabilities.


The front tires for the FLHX are designed with a rounded tread profile. It is also belted for extra load capacity and minimizes cupping. The rear tires have a flatter tread and larger contact patch so you get more traction and better mileage. This specific design allows you to have a smoother ride in many different driving conditions, whether you are riding on a straight road or hugging the turns through the mountains. This design also allows for excellent handling in wet or dry weather conditions.

Speed Rating

The speed rating for these tires is 130 miles per hour. This is calculated with the load rating of 783 lbs.