Specifications For A Directv Hd Dvr Hr21 700

Enjoy HDTV and the ability to record your favorite programming with DirecTV’s HD DVR HR21 700.

The DirecTV HD DVR HR21 700 is a powerful tool delivering high-definition content and having the ability to record your programming via digital video recording. With this receiver you will not need an additional receiver for a DVR recorder and you will be able to watch all of your favorite high-definition and regular channels. In order to get full use for this item you will need a subscription with DirecTV. As of 2010, this receiver cost $150 and up depending on where you buy it. You can get it directly from DirecTV or purchase it from another online retailer.

The Unit

The DirecTV HD DVR HR21 700 allows you to watch high-definition and regular standard signals. It also has a DVR recorder built-in to allow you to watch your favorite shows anytime you want. You can pause live TV for up to 90 minutes at a time. The HDD has 300GB of free space for an estimated record time of 200 hours standard programming and 50 hours for HD programming.

Front Panel

The DirecTV HD DVR HR21 700 allows you to watch in four HD resolutions. You can find the resolution button the front panel. On the front panel, there is also a USB slot for future use, power button to turn on and off the receiver, Guide and Menu buttons, a Record button which allows you to record TV programming, and Info button. In addition there is a hidden panel that allows you to access the reset button and access card slot. Do not touch the reset button or access card slot unless you are talking to a DirecTV representative, otherwise, you may ruin your equipment.

Back Panel

The DirecTV HD DVR HR21 700 has several connectors in the back panel. It has an HDMI connector for connecting to HDTVs. It also has two coaxial connectors. These are for satellite input from DirecTV dishes. If you have two DirecTV dishes or a DirecTV multiple-LNB system connected, you can record two shows at one time. There are two RCA video and audio outputs. That’s the yellow (picture) and red and white (left and right audio) cables. There is also an S-Video output and a YPbPr video output (Red, Green, Purple cable) which provides the second-best picture quality behind that of a HDMI cable. There are also two Ethernet slots for Internet connectivity, a phone jack and a USB slot.

Picture Quality

The HR21 700 offers the highest picture quality on the market as of 2010, 1080p. The HR21 700 is an improvement over older models because it allows you to “fix” video formats so they properly fit your screen and don’t look squished. In other words, you can fix letterboxed shows so that they fit your TV well. However, even with this unit parts of the picture may get cut off a little. This is most noticeable if watching a program with subtitles.


The biggest detractor of the DirecTV HD DVR HR21 700 is that it does not have an input for an over-the-air antenna. As of 2010, DirecTV does not offer local programming for every city, thus making the lack of antenna input problematic for those who live in areas where local programming is not offered from DirecTV.