Specifications For Harley Davidson Fxst Tires

Harley Davidson is an American company famous for manufacturing motorcycles and motorcyle engines. The 2007 FXST Softtail is a cruiser-style motorcycle and features the standard cruiser tire configuration of a narrow front tire and wide rear tire.

Tire Specifications

The 2007 Harley Davidson FXST Softtail front tire has a wide point of 100 mm and the aspect ratio is 90. The front rim of this motorcycle has a diameter of 19 inches. The rear tire’s wide point is 200 mm and the aspect ratio is 55. The rear rim of the FXST tire is 17 inches in diameter. Both of the brakes of this motorcycle were single disc brakes.

Engine Specifications

The 2007 Harley Davidson FXST has a 1,573 cc, twin cylinder, four-stroke cycle engine. The compression ratio is 9.2-to-1. The cylinder bore has a diameter of 3.8 inches and the stroke piston moves 4.4 inches.


This motorcycle is 94.5 inches long and its wheelbase is 64.5 inches wide. The seat of this motorcycle sits 28.3 inches from the ground and the ground clearance is 5.1 inches.