Specifications For The 2003 Screaming Eagle Road King

The 2003 Screamin’ Eagle Road King has its own unique style.

The 2003 Screamin’ Eagle Road King is a classic Harley-Davison bike that features a style and design that stands out next to all other motorcycles. The design of the 2003 Road King includes a centennial gold paint job with sharp black trimming. The bike additionally features burgundy pin-stripes, along with a gold leaf tank emblem. Lastly, the performance matches the exterior, as the 2003 Screamin’ Eagle definitely has power.


The dry weight of the 2003 Screamin’ Eagle Road King is 745 pounds. The overall length is 93.7 inches and the height of the seat is 27 inches. This classic bike features Dunlop Harley Davison Series tires, with a wheel base of 63.5 inches.


The 2003 Screamin’ Eagle includes an air-cooled Twin Cam 103™ engine, featuring a powder-coated silver design with chrome covers. The bike also includes Valves Pushrod-Operated overhead valves, with hydraulic lifters and two valves per cylinder. There is a 3.87 x 4.37 inch bore and stroke, with a 9:1 compression ratio. The engine produces 100.0 foot-pounds of torque at 3500 RPM (resolutions per minute).


The 2003 Road King features an electronic sequential port fuel-injection fuel system. Additionally, the bike includes a high-efficiency air filter with an oval chrome billet insert. The back has a non-wasted single-fire ignition that is map-controlled. The ignition has an electronic breaker-less spark system, with a multiple advance curve matrix. Lastly, this 2003 Screamin’ Eagle includes a thermostatically controlled oil cooler.