Specifications Of Seadoo Sportster

The Sea-Doo Sportster comes in two models: the 4-TEC and the LE DI. Both of these personal water crafts are ideal for families as they are capable of seating up to four people. The Sea-Doo Sportster 4-TEC is the bigger, more powerful water craft while the LE DI is smaller in both overall size and engine power.


The Sea-Doo Sportster LE DI weighs 1,235 pounds and is 14 feet, 6 inches long. The Sportster 4-TEC is 15 feet, 4 inches long and weighs 1,454 pounds. Both models have a 7-foot, 1-inch beam, a 12-inch draft and a 20-degree deadrise.


Both of these recreational water crafts have a four-person passenger capacity and 715 pounds of load limit. The larger Sportster 4-TEC has a 23-gallon fuel capacity and a 3.5-gallon oil capacity, while the smaller LE DI model has a fuel capacity of 22 gallons and an oil capacity of 2.3 gallons.


The Sea-Doo Sportster 4-TEC has a 155-horsepower, 4-stroke Rotax 4-TEC 3-cylinder engine and integrates a multi-port fuel injection system with dry sump pump lubrication. The Sportster LE DI has a 130-horsepower Rotax direct injection 2-cylinder engine utilizes an orbital direct injection fuel system with Variable Ratio Oil Injection lubrication.


A dual-muffler exhaust system is used by the Sportster 4-TEC and a water-cooled, water-injected exhaust system is used by the Sportster LE DI.

Engine Protection Systems

The Sea-Doo Sportster 4-TEC employs several engine protection systems, including an RPM limiter, an overheat warning device and low oil, low voltage and check engine signals, while the Sportster LE DI only has an RPM limiter and an overheat warning device.

Drive Unit

Both models of the Sportster have a axial flow, single-stage jet pump and a stainless steel progressive pitch impeller. Their intake grates, however, are different; the 4-TEC has a fixed aluminum intake and the LE DI has a weed-free shaft intake.


The Sea-Doo Sportster LE DI and 4-TEC integrate electric starters with 12-volt batteries.