Specifications Of The 1982 Amc Eagle Sx/4

Its third year of production, the 1982 AMC Eagle offered a variety of configurations on a four-wheel drive platform. The SX/4 was in its second year pioneering the off-road car market with raised suspension, an optional V6 and plenty of options.


The base powerplant for the 1982 SX/4, a 150 cubic inch displacement four-cylinder mated to a four-speed manual transmission, making for a cheap offroader. The 258 cubic inch displacement optional inline-six (I-6) engine mated to a three-speed automatic transmission was the offroad enthusiasts’ engine of choice. The I-6 was rated at 20 miles per gallon.


The Eagle sat three inches higher than its Concord/Hornet Chrysler cousin on top of 15 inch — instead of 14 inch — rims with P195/75R15 steel-belted rubber. Power steering and disc brakes were standard with the SX/4 as well as a sway bar. The AMC Select Drive system allowed the Eagle to be switched from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive as needed for the first time. The final axle ratio came to 2.35.


Aimed at the enthusiast crowd, the SX/4 boasted a 21-gallon fuel tank, folding rear seats, two-speed wipers, a digital clock and seating for four. A sunroof, halogen lamps, stereo, tilt steering and air conditioning could all be added for a price. Over 10,000 AMC Eagle SX/4s were produced for the 1982 model year, and 1983 would be their final year of production.