Specifications On A 2006 Harley Davidson Softail

Harley-Davidson first introduced its Softail model of motorcycles in 1984. What set it apart from other models was its chassis, which was newly designed and offered a new look coupled with a comfortable ride. In 2006, nine different Softail models were available, the most basic of which is the Standard FXST/I, intended to be customized by the purchaser.


In 2006, nine variations of the Softail were available: Standard, Night Train, Springer, Deuce, Heritage, Fat Boy, Deluxe, Springer Classic and Heritage Classic. The latter eight Softails were built upon the Standard. They were similar motorcycles, mechanically-speaking; the added packages gave the motorcycles sportier appearances or more comfort and convenience features.


All nine versions of the 2006 Softail sported an 88-cubic-inch, air-cooled, twin cam engine. This engine has a 3.75-inch bore, a 4.00-inch stroke and a compression ratio of 8.9 to 1. This engine can produce 85 ft.-lbs. of torque at 3,000 rpm with its standard five-speed transmission.

Brakes and Suspension

These bikes have caliper-type four-piston disc brakes in the front and rear with patented, uniform expansion rotors measuring 11.5 inches by 0.20 inches in the front and 11.5 inches by 0.23 inches in the rear. They have a rigid-look frame with a swingarm that is controlled by a set of shocks and springs that are horizontally mounted below the engine’s transmission. Depending on the model, these motorcycles have 5.6, 5.1 or 2.3 inches of travel in the front suspension and 4.3 inches of travel in the rear suspension.

Other Specifications

Depending on the model, these motorcycles have a wheelbase length between 64.5 inches and 66.9 inches. They range from 93.5 to 95.0 inches long with seat heights between 24.5 inches and 26.0 inches high and ground clearance between 4.9 inches and 6.0 inches. They weigh between 651 lbs. and 719 lbs. and all have a fuel tank capacity of 5 gallons.