Specs For A 2000 Harley Davidson Night Train

The 2000 Harley-Davidson FXSTB Night Train is part of the line of Harley Softail cruisers; these include about 10 separate models that mimic the Harleys of the early post-World War II era. The FXSTB model derives from the FXST Softails introduced in 1984.


The 2000 model year Night Train‘s two-cylinder, four-stroke V-twin engine displaces 1,449 cc (88.4 cubic inches). The air-cooled engine is driven by a five-speed, manual belt transmission that wields 63 horsepower and 78.2 foot-lb. of torque, the twisting force that gives the Night Train its acceleration. It can reach 105.6 mph. The ignition is an electric starter.


The 2000 Night Train is placed on a 66.7-inch wheelbase with a seat height measuring 25.1 inches. The fuel tank carries 5.02 gallons. The bike weighs 672.4 lb. without fluids.

Brakes and Suspension

The motorcycle features front and rear 11.4-inch, single-disc brakes. The front tire measures 80/90-19. The rear tire’s diameter is 3 inches smaller, at 130/90-16.