Specs For A 2003 Harley Fatboy

Buying a motorcycle can be as much work as it is fun. Not only must the motorcycle match the personality of the rider, but the rider must know about all the ins and outs of a potential bike before buying to know how best to care for it and whether is a good personal fit. Many motorcyclists dream of someday owning a Harley Davidson and the 2003 Fatboy is an option for those looking for a heavy, performance-driven bike.

Physical Capabilities

The Harley Davidson Fatboy is named after two atomic bombs and is a reference to its size. The 2003 Fatboy is 94.3 inches long and the dry weight is around 700 lbs. The ground clearance sits around 5 inches, and the wheelbase at around 64.5 inches. The fuel tank holds a little over 5 gallons.

Engine and Transmission

The 2003 Fatboy is equipped with a two-valve, four-stroke engine, and injection fuel and air cooling systems. The motorcycle boasts 62.54 horsepower and a cable operated throttle. The top speed of this motorcycle is 105 mph.


Several color options for the 2003 Fatboy include two-tone sterling silver and vivid black, gunmetal pearl, white pearl and luxury blue pearl.

Additional Attributes

The right lean angle on a 2003 Harley Fatboy is 29.2 degrees; the left lean angle is 27 degrees. This bike typically seats two people.