Specs For Screaming Eagle 203 Cams

Screaming Eagle’s 203 camshaft, or cam, was produced for use with Harley-Davidson’s Twin Cam 88 engine, released in 1998. A camshaft is a shaft in the engine to which the lobes (cams) are attached, which in turn operate the engine’s valves.


Duration refers to how long the cam holds the valve open. The Screaming Eagle 203’s intake duration is 234 degrees, its exhaust duration is 239 degrees, and its overlap is 35 degrees.


The Screaming Eagle 203’s intake lobe center is 99 degrees, its exhaust lobe center is 103 degrees, and its lobe separation angle is 100.8 degrees. The lobe separation angle is the relationship between the centerlines of the intake and the exhaust lobes.


Lift refers to how far the valve is lifted from its seat. The Intake Lift for the 203 camshaft is 0.51 inches, the Exhaust Lift is 0.483 inches, the Intake Lift TDC (top dead center) is 0.178 inches, and the exhaust lift TDC is 0.152 inches.