Speed Up Fps On Pcsx2

Frames per second (FPS) can make or break the quality of a video game. If FPS is too low, the game will play sluggishly. But don’t blame PCSX2, the PlayStation 2 emulator: PS2 emulation is still in its infancy and has to work hard to make your game run smoothly. Still, there are a few tricks you can perform to get the FPS running higher.


1. Open PCSX2 on your computer and click the “Config” button on the topline menu on the main PCSX2 program window.

2. Click the “Plugin/BIOS Selector” button when a small menu appears after clicking “Config.” A new window will appear with different options.

3. Click the “Configure” option next to the “SPU2” option on the new window. These are the sound options for PCSX2. Click the button underneath the “Interpolation” heading and click the “Linear” option. Also, make sure that the “X Audio 2” option underneath the “Module” heading is selected. Click “OK” to return to the main plugins window.

4. Click the “Configure” button next to the “GS” heading to enter into the graphics plugin configuration menu. Click the button to the right of the “Renderer” heading and click the “Direct3D9” option. Click the “Native” option next to the the “Original PS2 resolution” option. Click “OK” to save the settings and return to the previous menu.

5. Click “OK” to apply all the new plugin settings. Click the “System” button on the topline menu of the main PCSX2 window and click “Boot CDVD.” Select the PS2 game file from the new window that comes up and click “OK” to start the PS2 game using PCSX2.