Start A Clothing Company

Start a Clothing Company

A small retail business that offers a product that is easy to sell is ideal for someone who is a new business owner. The fashion industry is one such business that is relatively easy to get into. Many would-be entrepreneurs with a flair for fashion and design start a clothing company in their quest to become business owners and sell a product that everyone wants.


1. Determine what type of clothing you want to sell in your clothing company. Choose a style or type of clothes that are in mass appeal and that appeals to you as well. You are more likely to experience success if you like what you are selling.

2. Secure a business license from the proper licensing authorities when you are ready to start a clothing company. Since licensing laws vary from state to state, check with each state’s licensing office on their individual guidelines.

3. Establish a budget for the business, allowing for inventory, personnel expenses, websites, rental space and utilities.

4. Buy your inventory from clothing supplier’s to start a clothing company. Hire any staff or personnel that you need to run the clothing company, although this may come later, well after the clothing company has been established.

5. Advertise your new clothing company in any appropriate places. If your clothing company is offline, advertise in the local newspaper and radio stations. If your clothing company is going to be online, join social networking groups and marketing forums to let others know about it.