Start An Atv Home Business

If you are an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) enthusiast, and a fan of off road racing, then starting your own ATV business will mean fun as well as business for you. You can choose to offer additional ATV services such as repairs, rentals and accessories. You should be knowledgeable about ATVs. If you have no previous experience, then you can use the services of a consultant to provide you with the advice on start and run the business successfully.


1. Register your business. You need a dealer’s license before you can start selling ATVs. This requires that you make an application for a dealer license, take a dealer licensing exam and get the local council to approve your home as a location for the business. You also need a sellers permit and to register with the Secretary of State to get an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

2. Obtain business insurance. You need to insure your ATV business. This is especially helpful in case your business gets sued. Research and find an insurance company to cover your business. Compare quotes from two or three insurance companies before settling on one.

3. Get facilities and equipment. This includes a computer to record company details and client details, a fax machine and telephone for communication. Also, get space where the ATVs will be housed. You can put up a garage where the ATVs will be stored.

4. Purchase ATVs. Find a supplier who will provide you with ATVs whenever you make a request. This can be a dealership or wholesaler. The supplier needs to be reliable since you may not have a lot of space to store your ATVs and will need to requisition ATVs when your clients ask for them.

5. Market your business. You can advertise in travel catalogs and on the Internet. Creating a website for your company will create an online visibility for you. Also, advertise using fliers and posters. Include photos of the ATVs, terrain and contact details. The business can also be advertised through word of mouth.