Start Your Own Party Bounce House Or Moonwalk Rental Business

Start Your Own Party Bounce House Or Moonwalk Rental Business

Bounce houses, moonwalks, jump houses, air castles and slides are popular rentals at children’s parties. Here is start your own lucrative party inflatable business.


1. Determine your budget. You can start your own party inflatable rental business, offering moonwalks, bounce houses and air slides for just a few thousand dollars. There are many models of generic inflatable fun houses, slides, etc, for under $2000, including the blower system that keeps them inflated. Some however, are trademarked, such as inflatable Disney bounce houses. You will need to purchase a license for these products in order to offer them as party rentals. Most dealers of licensed inflatable party rentals will help walk you through the licensing process in your state.

2. Insure yourself to the maximum. To start your own business in inflatable party rentals such as moonwalks and bounce houses, you will need liability insurance. It is a must to operate and you should buy as much as you can afford. Your inflatable party rentals must be supervised by a qualified adult at all times. Some states, such as New Jersey, also require party rental companies to be licensed. You may also be required to have your party rental equipment inspected once a year and also be subject to surprise inspections. Contact you insurance agent and ask if they offer liability insurance for children’s party rentals or if they can direct you to a local carrier of such insurance. You will also need a full sized pickup or panel van to carry your equipment.

3. Keep your equipment super clean to avoid lawsuits. When starting your own party inflatable bounce house business you will need to learn proper disinfecting procedures for your rentals. Now, with diseases such as swine flue going around, keeping your inflatable rentals safe is of the utmost priority. So is learning about keep kids safe in the party rentals. When looking to purchase inflatable bounce houses, etc, look for a feature called a safety step, that is sewn in around the bounce area, to protect kids from hitting the ground. Some dealers of inflatable party rental playscapes will offer training courses in operation and safety to buyers at a discount or for free. You should be familiar with quickly evacuate kids from a deflating bounce hose.

4. Think of a clever name for your bounce house business. When you start your own inflatable party rental company you usually have to file for a business or DBA name at your local county courthouse or city hall. In addition, you may be required to have a license to operate. Contact your county clerk for more information. Once you have your equipment you will want to set it up and test it rigorously before offering it as a party rental, so that you know the ins and outs of how it works. Items like spare blowers, hoses and patch kits are good to have should one part fail. You should be familiar with quickly patch leaks in your inflatable party rentals to keep them up and running. After you have your license, insurance, training and equipment you can begin to advertise locally. You may consider networking and handing out flyers and cards to parents, placing ads on Craigslist and in local classified papers such as the Thrifty Nickel or Pennysaver. Operating your own moonwalk or inflatable party rental business can be a fun way to earn a living. Keep in mind though, that outdoor inflatable party rentals are seasonal, unless you can find a suitable indoor venue that you can rent to during the winter months. In addition to inflatable playscapes you may consider adding items like popcorn and snow cone machines to your line of offerings for extra income.