Stop Vibration In My Harley Dyna Wide Glide

Recent motor mounts should dampen vibration.

In the last few years Harley riders, especially riders of Dyna Wide Glides, have reported improperly installed and defective rubber front motor mounts. The part has never been recalled and Harley-Davidson has never admitted the parts might be defective or improperly installed. Besides inspection of the mounts, and replacement if necessary, Harley also recommends aligning the motorcycle by loosening, but not removing, all motor mount bolts and running the engine for five seconds, during which time the mounts align themselves to the frame. The bolts are then re-tightened to manufacturer specifications. While Harley recommends the realignment, the procedure is rarely done because the mounts usually need to be replaced anyway.


1. Make the motorcycle upright and level by slightly elevating the Wide Glide on a motorcycle jack. Do not elevate the bike. The front tire should remain within an inch of the ground.

2. Unfasten the two bolts that secure the voltage regulator to the frame near the bottom of the down tubes with a socket wrench. Do not disconnect the voltage regulator from the wiring harness.

3. Remove four of the six front engine mount bolts. Remove the stabilizer link bolt and three bottom lower plate bolts. Use the Service Manual for your motorcycle to identify these bolts if you are unsure.

4. Position a wood block on top of a scissors jack. Slide the jack and block of wood under your engine. Raise the jack approximately a half-inch.

5. Break loose the two upper plate bolts with a 9/16-inch deep well socket and a breaker bar. Remove the bolts with the same socket and a ratchet.

6. Remove the motor mount plate. Remove the motor mount. Wipe all exposed surfaces around the mount clean with rags and solvent.

7. Replace the motor mount plate and position the new motor mount. Replace and finger tighten all six mounting bolts.

8. Lower the scissors jack. Remove the scissors jack and wood block.

9. Tighten the two upper plate bolts to 33 to 38 foot-pounds with a torque wrench. Tighten the stabilizer link bolt to 33 to 38 foot-pounds. Tighten the lower plate bolts last, to 33 to 38 foot-pounds of torque with a torque wrench.

10. Re-bolt the voltage regulator to the frame with a socket wrench.

11. Support the motorcycle while you lower the motorcycle jack. Allow the bike to rest on the jiffy stand.