Stream Hd Netflix

Stream HD Netflix

Netflix is a movie and television episode subscription service that distributes content either by sending DVDs or Blu-ray discs directly to subscriber homes or by streaming content online through the Internet. Content is broadcast in either standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD). HD content can be streamed to either an HD-capable computer or an HDTV with a compatible player.


Stream HD Netflix to a Computer

1. Turn on your computer and load your Internet browser. Go the NetFlix website and log in.

2. Browse for HD movie or television shows. Netflix has a search box on its site that allows users to search for content, including titles, actors and directors. At the bottom of the content description is a label titled “Format.” If the movie or television show listed is available in HD, it will be say HD available, in parentheses.

3. Click the blue “Play” button. When you click the play button, Netflix will launch the movie. If this is the first time you’ve streamed a movie on Netflix, a screen will be displayed telling you that the SilverLight player software must be installed on your computer in order to stream movies from NetFlix and will then ask you if you wish to install it. Choose “Yes” and the installation will begin.

4. Watch your show. When the Silverlight software finishes installing, your show will launch and play in the Silverlight player where it will be streamed in HD to your computer screen.

Stream HD NetFlix to an HDTV

5. Install your NetFlix-compatible player. Several NetFlix compatible players are on the market, including the Roku player, TiVo and the Xbox 360 and the Samsung and LG Blu-ray players. Install your player according to the instructions that came with your device. For the most part, installation will mean hooking up your device to both your Internet cable and your HDTV and then running a setup program through your TV screen.

6. Access your NetFlix Instant Que. Netflix has two kinds of queues that users can maintain on their site. A Regular Queue, which is where movies chosen for home delivery are kept, and the Instant Queue, which is where titles are kept that can be viewed through streaming. Movies and television episodes can be placed in the Instant Queue by logging into NetFlix through a computer connection and then using the search facility to add titles to the Instant Queue.

All of the players that can stream NetFlix content have a menu choice that appears on your HDTV screen to access Netflix; when that menu choice is activated, the contents of the Instant Queue on NetFlix are shown.

7. Choose an HD title. All NetFlix movies and shows have a title-descriptor page that explains what the movie is about, who’s in it and who made it . The last detail is a Format descriptor. Movies and television shows that can be streamed in HD are denoted as HD available, in parentheses.

8. Click the “Play” button. Starting a movie or television show is different depending on which player you have. In most cases, it involves moving a highlighted menu choice to a “Play” button, and selecting it. Once selected, the movie or show will load, which with NetFlix is called “buffering,” and then the show will begin streaming to your HDTV.