Styles Of Harley Davidson Full Face Helmets

Harley Davidson makes a line of motorcycle helmets that provide both safety and style.

When riding a motorcycle, a helmet is more than just a fashion statement. It is a piece of safety equipment, and that role should never be sacrificed for style. Harley Davidson owners, though, represent a certain type of flair in their choice of motorcycles. So Harley Davidson manufactures a number of helmets that manage to complement that style while still providing the level of safety needed in a helmet. There are several styles available in full-face helmet varieties.

Classic Full Face

The classic style of full face helmet is the standard bearer for Harley Davidson’s line of helmets. The classic style is only available in men’s helmets in the spring 2011 line. The classic full face helmet has a fiberglass shell with both chin and forehead venting and removable face shield The helmet features the Harley Davidson logo. As with all helmets, proper fit is necessary for safety, so it is available in-store only.

Modular Helmets

Modular helmets from Harley Davidson offer full-face features but with more flexibility. Some have chin bars that lift up, while others feature sun shields that can be retracted. Six different styles are available in men’s helmets for spring 2011. One modular helmet is available for women in the 2011 offering. Modular helmets can be equipped with Bluetooth units and headsets for communication. Ventilation and other features vary from helmet to helmet. As always, in-store is the approved way to purchase a modular Harley Davidson helmet.

Hybrid Helmets

Hybrid helmets employ a hybrid fiberglass shell to meet safety requirements and do so at a weight that’s lower than traditional motorcycle helmets. That helps with long rides when a helmet can start to feel heavy. Harley Davidson’s spring 2011 collection includes two men’s hybrid full face helmets. The two styles are the Americana helmet and ultralight Torque style. Both can be equipped with headsets and Bluetooth. They, like all Harley Davidson helmets are available in only stores.

FXRG Helmets

Harley Davidson‘s FXRG helmets use Kevlar (the same material used in bulletproof vests) to provide maximum safety with minimum weight. The trade-off comes in terms of price, with FXRG helmets costing more than Harley Davidson’s other helmets. There is one full face FXRG men’s helmet and one full face women’s FXRG helmet offered in the spring 2011 product line. Both feature many of the same things, like headset capability, offered with other Harley Davidson helmets. Both are available only in stores.

Other Helmets

A helmet style called Skyline is offered for women. The spring 2011 catalog includes two full-face versions (one black and one silver). The helmets are designed to prevent “helmet hair” while still offering standard Harley Davidson helmet features. One helmet is offered in the youth collection in a full-face configuration. While it does not include access for headsets and Bluetooth, it is made from polycarbonate and offers full safety functionality. These helmets may be purchased in-store only.