Styles Of Par Car Golf Carts

ParCar is a brand of low-speed gas- and electric-powered vehicles manufactured by Columbia ParCar Corporation of Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Columbia’s small scale vehicles are used for a variety of purposes and meant to supplant conventional automotive transport for short distance transportation in locations and circumstances where traditional vehicles cannot travel.


Columbia’s Passenger ParCar line offers choices for golf course, community and neighborhood transportation. Both the “Summit” and “Passenger” fit up to four people, with automotive styling and advanced operator controls. These “Neighborhood Electric Vehicles” are intended for gated or resort communities.


Columbia’s line of Industry ParCar’s offers a higher-capacity alternative to the Passenger style by supplying more storage space, towing capability and speed. Upwards to 10 passengers can travel in some makes like the “Expediter” and “Shuttle.” Columbia’s commercial vehicles are used to transport passengers around airports, hospital grounds, stadiums, campuses and theme parks. Columbia’s commercial line includes options, such as sun canopies, hour meters and varying seat covers and paint-job design.

“Burden Carries”

Columbia’s “Burden Carriers” offer industrial strength vehicles for work environments. “Payloader” is a duel passenger flat-bed vehicle that can carry up to 5,200 pounds on a 72-inch bed. The “Stockchaser” is an individualized electrically powered conveyance meant to assistant material handlers maneuver around vast warehouses. The Burden Carrier includes features such as in-motion beepers, strobe lights and tow hitches.


In 2008, Columbia unveiled its “Mega” line of short-distance vehicles. The Mega line of vehicles operate solely on electricity driven engines. Mega vehicles are constructed of recycled materials and emissions-free. The line consists of five vehicle types: Cargo Bed, Drop Side, Tilt Bed, Refuse Hauler and Van. Mega vehicles include interior heating and cooling systems, windshield washers and a spare tire with accompanying jack.

Street Legality

Not all Columbia ParCar’s are street legal. The Mega line is Columbia’s only street-legal make. ParCar’s are meant to be operated by experienced drivers. They are not toys. Like any motorized vehicle, ParCar’s can cause serious injury or even death if misused.