Sync A Zune Hd With Zune Software

Your Zune HD comes packaged with two items necessary to sync data to high-definition portable media player; a USB cable and Zune software. Add media from your computer to the Zune HD for the first time requires you pass through Zune software‘s initial setup process. For instance, once plugged into your computer, the Zune HD requires an immediate firmware update. Afterward, you must progress through step-by-step configuration prompts, such as giving the device a nickname and setting up your Zune Tag account. Finishing the initial setup begins your Zune HD’s automatic media sync.


1. Hook the Zune HD to your computer using its sync cable and run the Zune software.

2. Wait for the Zune HD to power on. If this is your first time using the Zune HD, the device may take several minutes to reach an adequate charge before booting up. When the Zune HD boots up, the Zune software prompts to download an update for your device.

3. Click “Accept.” This software update lasts a few minutes. After the update completes, a prompt appears asking you to give your device a nickname.

4. Type your desired Zune HD nickname. Click “Next” to move to the next prompt.

5. Enter your existing Zune Tag and password or create one if desired. The Zune Tag represents your Zune account. If you chose to create a Zune Tag, you must enter an account name and password. Click “Next”

6. Click the “All” box for each desired media type, such as “Videos” or “Music,” that you wish to sync. This means your Zune software automatically syncs that media type’s entire library when your connect the Zune HD to your computer. Click “Next.” Zune software syncs media to the Zune HD.