Sync Zune Hd With A Computer

Zune digital media players allow users to keep their favorite media files at their fingertips. The Zune software that Microsoft offers to work in conjunction with these Zune players provides a free solution for synchronizing your media library to your Zune device. Whether you want to copy your entire media library automatically or select items manually, use the Zune software to synchronize your music, movies, podcasts and other media files to your new Zune HD.


1. Download the Zune software from the Zune website and install it on your computer (see Resources). The installation prompts you to create a Zune account if you have not already done so.

2. Connect your Zune HD to your computer using the sync cable supplied with your device. You also can purchase a ZUNE HD AV Dock separately. The software prompts you to download an update to confirm that your Zune has the latest available features. Accept the update and wait for the update installation to complete. Your Zune HD reboots automatically when the process is completed.

3. Enter a name for your Zune HD device when prompted. You also can link your device to the Zune Tag you’ve created when setting up your Zune account. If you did not create a Tag, you can do so now. The Zune Tag refers to the name you use in Zune Social, Zune’s online music community.

4. Choose your desired synchronization options. Select “All” to synchronize all files automatically. The Zune software uses this method of synchronization by default and automatically performs the synchronization each time you connect the Zune HD to your computer. The “Items I Choose” option allows you to drag items from your collection to the icon representing your Zune HD. Any changes you make to these items automatically synchronize the next time you connect your device. For example, if you drag a group of songs to your device, then later delete one of those songs from your collection, the song automatically deletes off your Zune HD device the next time you synchronize. The “Manual Sync” option allows you to select the items you wish to synchronize individually. You must add or remove music, movies and other items manually between your computer and your Zune HD. No changes synchronize automatically once you select the “Manual Sync” mode.

5. Select and drag the files you want to synchronize if you choose to perform one of the manual sync options. Your library automatically synchronizes without further intervention if you’ve selected to sync all files. The size of your media library and the number of files you select determines the amount of time the initial synchronization process takes.