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Adjust The Open Primary Clutch In A Harleydavidson

Adjust the clutch in a Harley open primary when the clutch slips or drags. Open primary drive systems are a popular and aesthetically pleasing modification [...]

Lube A Clutch Cable For A Harley

Isn't it beautiful? Harleys are often criticized as de-engineered motorcycles, but one of the reasons people buy these bikes is so they can do basic mechanical [...]

Change A Clutch Cable On A Buell

Replacing the clutch cable is relatively simple, but can be time-consuming Based on Harley-Davidson's powerful V-twin motors, Buell's line of sport motorcycles [...]

Measure For A Harley Clutch Cable Replacement

The clutch cable is on the rider's left. To properly service your Harley, you must be aware of the location of your clutch cable adjuster. The adjuster must be [...]

Clutch Adjustment Specifications For A 1200 Custom Sportster

A Harley-Davidson Sportster. Clutch adjustment procedures and hardware on all Harley-Davidson Big Twins and Sportsters manufactured since 1990 are identical. [...]

Adjust A Yamaha Clutch

Adjust a Yamaha Clutch A grabby clutch is a sure sign that your Yamaha's clutch cable is out of adjustment, a situation that is typically created as the steel [...]

Replace The Clutch Hand Lever On A Softail Deuce Harley Davidson

A broken clutch lever is a tell-tale sign of a dropped motorcycle. A motorcycle's control levers are extremely sensitive to outside forces and often tell the [...]

Harley Clutch Lever Instructions

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle's clutch lever is subject to constant use, being pulled in and released repeatedly during the course of a single ride. While these [...]

Adjust The Clutch On A 2008 Harley Davidson

The clutch, clutch cable and lever are all on the rider's left side. Harley-Davidson recommends that the clutch be adjusted on all 2008 models during the [...]