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Replace An Exhaust Pipe

Rust is one of the most common causes of a damaged exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is a system of pipes that connect the exhaust to the muffler of your car. [...]

What Are The Benefits Of Removing The Catalytic Converters From Cars

Catalytic converters, which are responsible for igniting and burning unburned engine exhaust gases, became standard automotive equipment on all cars beginning [...]

Replace The Exhaust On A Jeep Wrangler

Replace the Exhaust on a Jeep Wrangler You can replace the exhaust system on the Jeep Wrangler in pieces or completely from the engine to the rear of the Jeep. [...]

Remove A Motorcycle Catalytic Converter

Over time the exhaust system on your motorcycle can rust and wear out from all the weather it encounters outside and on the road. A rusted out exhaust system [...]

Make Money Selling Catalytic Converters

Make Money Selling Catalytic Converters A great plan for making money is to sell salvaged and recyclable materials for cash. Recyclables allow even the [...]

Change The Exhaust Sound

The muffler is the single largest contributor to the sound presence of a vehicle. A vehicle's sound is primarily impacted by the engine and exhaust systems [...]

Motorcycle’S Exhaust System Work

Decorative Function In a car, the exhaust system is simply a utilitarian device meant to process the exhaust and reduce its environmental effect and noise. [...]

Remove A Catalytic Converter

Many people think removing a catalytic converter from a vehicle can gain both horsepower and gas mileage. Every vehicle will vary, but if you learn remove a [...]

Remove A Catalytic Converter For Speed

Making cars go fast is a hobby for many men and women in America. The car has always been an obsession for those speed seekers who love to go head to head [...]