exhaust pipe

Replace An Exhaust Pipe

Rust is one of the most common causes of a damaged exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is a system of pipes that connect the exhaust to the muffler of your car. [...]

Change A Car Muffler

As cars get more modernized to pass national and state emissions standards, the exhaust systems are becoming more complicated. Replacing mufflers was never [...]

Install Harley Sportster Pipes

Installing new pipes on your Harley Sportster can be done at home with just a few tools. Installing new exhaust pipes on your Harley-Davidson Sportster may [...]

Bike Exhaust Tips

Exhaust tips can complete the look of a customized motorcycle. When someone looks at a motorcycle, one of the defining features is the exhaust. Exhaust tips, [...]

Types Of Catalytic Converters For Scrap

Catalytic converters can be worth their weight in gold. In fact, when the metal market crashes, only the rhodium, palladium, platinum and gold in these car [...]

Clean Melted Shoes On Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

You can remove a melted shoe from your motorcycle's exhaust pipe with patience and rubbing. When riding a motorcycle, placing a foot or piece of clothing on [...]

Take Baffles Out Of A Harley Softail Exhaust

Harley enthusiasts sometimes modify their motorcycles. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company insists that the mufflers installed on all Softails at the plant in [...]

Take Apart Sportster Slipon Pipes

The muffler-exhaust pipe joint is clearly visible in this Sportster photo. Removing the original equipment slip-on mufflers from a Sportster is a simple nuts [...]

Swap The Exhaust On A V Star 650

As Yamaha's smaller entry into the cruiser motorcycle class, the V-Star 650 is packed with enough bad boy attitude to make it stand out in a sea of chromed [...]

Install Baffles In Vance And Hines Long Shots

Vance and Hines long shots dual exhaust with baffles installed. Vance and Hines Long Shot exhaust pipes provide motorcycle enthusiasts with increased power and [...]