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My Harley Won’T Start

Troubleshoot fuel, ignition and compression for your Harley's no-start condition. Harley-Davidson motorcycles require three conditions to be met in order to [...]

Set The Timing On Shovelhead Points

All Harley Davidson motorcycles prior to 1978 came with points ignition. The term "Shovelhead" refers to a Harley-Davidson Big-Twin engine that was produced [...]

Replace The Ignition Switch On A Ford F250 With A Tiltsteering Wheel

Replace the Ignition Switch on a Ford F250 With a Tilt-Steering Wheel The ignition switch on your Ford F250 may need to be replaced if you are having trouble [...]

Remove A Fairing Cap

The fairing cap is responsible for holding in place the ignition switch and four other switches: spotlight, speaker, cruise and accessory. The cap is located [...]

Install A Screaming Eagle Race Tuner

Harley-Davidson has a proud racing heritage, most evident in the motor company's continued domination of flat-track racing. Screamin' Eagle, the [...]

Diagnose Ignition On A Harley Davidson 1200

Harley Davidson's classic V-Twin engine is manufactured in a variety of displacements. The Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 is one of Harley's most popular [...]

Reset The Alarm Code On A 2007 Harleydavidson

Reset the PIN on your 2007 H-D motorcycle to one you can easily remember. Harley-Davidson's Smart Security System provides theft prevention by signaling with a [...]