Take A Computer Hard Drive Apart

Take a Computer Hard Drive Apart

Hard drives hold all the files and folders you use on your home computer. They are complex units consisting of a powerful magnet, a series of metal platters and a small motor. With a specialized screwdriver, you can completely disassemble a hard drive.


1. Turn off the computer and completely remove all the cables from the back of the case. Set the case down and take off the screws located on the bottom and top edges with a Phillips head screwdriver. Push down on the side panel and slide it gently to the left to remove it.

2. Remove the screws holding the hard drive into the metal bay and slide the hard drive out. Turn the hard drive over so the side with the manufacturer’s sticker is facing you.

3. Use a Torx screwdriver to remove the screws on the top of the hard drive, then pull the top piece off. Turn the hard drive over and repeat the process.

4. Remove the screws along the side of the circuit board and pull the circuit board out carefully, being sure not to bend the pins on the underside.

5. Remove the screws holding down the magnet in the bottom corner of the hard drive. Remove the magnet and the silver platters underneath it. Take out the screws holding the metal motor in place and slide it out.