Take Apart The Inner Fairing Of An Flhx

Here, the outer fairing is red and the inner fairing is black.

The outer fairing blocks the wind. The inner fairing holds the tachometer, speedometer, radio, speakers and ignition. And the fairings on all Harley-Davidson FLHs come apart the same way. The inner fairing on an FLHX is connected to the fairing bracket with pins, or what Harley calls “dowels.” You literally pry the components apart with your hands. Before you can do that, you must remove the outer fairing and windshield and disconnect the electrical components. Most, but not all, of the fasteners you will need to remove are T-27 Torx screws.


Outer Fairing and Lights

1. Protect the finish on the front of the motorcycle by hanging a throw rug over the front fender. Straddle the fender. Remove the screws in the middle, right and left of the outer fairing just under the windshield with a Torx socket and a socket wrench.

2. Put an extension on the socket, straddle the seat and remove the Torx screws just outside and below the speakers.

3. Push the handlebars all the way right and use the same wrench, extension and socket to remove the screw just below the left fairing cap. Push the handlebars all the way to the left and remove the screw under the right fairing cap.

4. Push the fairing forward far enough to reach the wiring harness connection on the back of the headlight assembly. Disconnect the headlight by squeezing the sides of the connector with your fingers.

5. Straddle the front fender again and pull the front fairing with the headlight off the motorcycle. Remove the windshield. Set the big pieces aside.

6. Disconnect the front directional signals and passing lamp connectors from the front wiring harness. Remove the passing lamp assembly from the front forks with the same socket, extension and wrench.

Inner Fairing

7. Straddle the seat again and begin to remove the ignition by turning the key left to “unlock” and turning the knob all the way right to “access.”

8. Slide a small screwdriver under the left side of the knob and depress the small release button. Turn the key another 60 degrees past “unlock” and pull the knob straight up to expose the switch post and nut.

9. Remove the switch nut with an open-end wrench. Remove the socket and collar from the switch post.

10. Pull the skirt down and off the inner fairing to expose more of the front wiring harness.

11. Slacken the clutch cable by completely loosening the clutch cable adjuster nut and the clutch cable adjuster locknut with two open-end wrenches.

12. Pry the retaining ring on the bottom of the clutch lever housing loose with a small screwdriver. Pull the clutch lever pivot pin out of the top of the clutch housing.

13. Unscrew the lever clutch housing from the left handlebar with a Torx socket and socket wrench. Pull the clutch lever free from the lever housing.

14. Disconnect the clutch cable from the clutch lever and feed the cable through the grommet on the bottom of the inner fairing to the front of the bike.

15. Fashion a matchbook cover into a cardboard shim that is between 1/8 inch and 5/32 inch thick. Put the shim between the front brake lever and housing to protect the stoplight switch.

16. Loosen the right handlebar switch housing screws and front master cylinder screws with a Torx socket and a socket wrench. Remove the switch housing and master cylinder.

17.Slide the throttle off the right end of the handlebar and remove the two throttle cables. Feed the throttle cables through the grommet on the bottom of the inner fairing to the front of the bike.

18. Disconnect the cigarette lighter from the wiring harness. Straddle the fender again and loosen the speaker adapter screws on both sides of the bike with a Torx socket and socket wrench.

19. Remove the speaker adapters. Disconnect the voltmeter and fuel gauge from the front wiring harness.

20. Pull the lower inner fairing off the mounting dowels on the fork bracket. Pull the fairing bracket off the mounting dowels on the fork bracket.

21. Lift the fairing bracket and inner fairing together to clear the fork bracket. Pull the inner fairing and fairing bracket apart and remove the inner fairing.