Take Emblems Off The Side Of A Gas Tank On A Motorcycle

Just about every motorcycle comes from the factory with decals on the gas tank: The tank badge decals either identify the brand or the model of bike. For anyone who is interested in personalizing his bike, these stickers have got to go. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t want them to come off, so you have to use a few tricks to get the job done.


1. Soak the decal with a mild solvent. Keep the solvent to the sticker and don’t go too much over onto the paint.

2. Melt the glue holding the decal on with the heat gun. Watch the tank carefully for signs that the decal is separating from the tank.

3. Hold a length of dental floss in each hand stretched over the area where the decal is applied. Gently work the floss back and forth while you draw it across the decal. It should start peeling off. If the glue starts to harden again, give it another spray with solvent or add more heat.

4. Clean up the remaining glue residue using a clean shop towel and more solvent. Wipe gently to avoid damaging the finish.