Tattoo Ideas With A Daisy Or Portrait

There is a wide spectrum of emotion displayed by different tattoos, from comical and lighthearted to rooted in absolute seriousness. But whatever the emotional implications may be, there are really only two types of tattoos: personal and memorial. There are several ideas involving a daisy flower or lifelike portrait that can fit easily into either category. Traditional tattoos are done in basic black and gray, though you may wish to use color for some if not all of these.

Basic Daisy

A basic daisy flower can either be represented by its bud alone, or attached to a stem, or even growing amidst a field of other daisies. It all comes down to how much space you are willing to contribute to the cause. A simple daisy bud could be small enough to fit on the side of a finger, whereas a bushel of daisies can fill your entire bicep. Should you choose a large group of daisies, consider adding a small pollinating bug, such as bees to a couple random portions.

Memorial Portrait

A memorial portrait tattoo is a lifelike rendering of any loved one or family member you wish to remember always. Though the image alone can speak volumes, you may wish to add initials or important dates to the bottom. If the idea of initials and dates are too generic for you, consider scripting a quote of advice the person may have once given you, or any attributable quote for that matter. You can choose from a variety of font types or design it yourself or the person you are memorializing can, provided it is not a posthumous tattoo.

Hobo Clown

The hobo clown is a favorite among struggling actors, comedians and anyone else who shares an affinity for laughter and entertainment. It is the face of a raggedy clown adorned with sometimes a split cigar in his mouth and a drooping daisy in his filthy top hat. To make the daisy stand out, you can tattoo everything in traditional black and gray but use color only for the flower. Upper arm and shoulder area is a popular placement for this tattoo.

Unknown Portrait

Another form of memorial portraits can be those honoring an unknown person, such as firemen or your favorite actor or musician. If choosing a portrait of your favorite actor or actress, consider portraying her as the character she played in your favorite movie. For instance, if you like Jack Nicholson, consider tattooing him as the Joker in “Batman” or his face coming through the door in the “here’s Johnny” moment in “The Shining.”