Technical Schools For Airline Aviation In Fayetteville North Carolina

Flight schools provide basic flight training for aspiring pilots.

Fayetteville, North Carolina and surrounding areas host a variety of schools for aspiring pilots and aviation experts. Some of these schools are more tailored to actual flight training, while others provide more technical education in aviation and flight instruments. Many also provide advanced degrees that include pilot training and instrument rating, and are designed to provide an FAA-approved pilot certificate in a short period of time. Many of these programs include commercial training to become an airline pilot.

OS Aviation

OS Aviation is headquartered just south of Fayetteville at Gray’s Creek Airport. This school is primarily designed for pilot training; it provides a two-week accelerated immersion program that covers the basics of flying and instrument training. The school provides training for a variety of different aircraft types, including commercial planes, but uses a Cessna 150 model as the primary training plane.

Dillon’s Aviation

Dillon’s Aviation has a branch in Greenville, North Carolina in addition to Fayetteville. This school provides flight training for private and commercial aircraft. The planes used for training are maintained by Dillon’s mechanic branch — the school also provides aircraft maintenance services. Dillon’s provides Part 141 and Part 61 training: Part 141 includes less flexible schedules and greater FAA oversight than 61. The school stipulates that the minimum amount of training time is 40 hours. The program also includes optional “ground school” at Pitt Community College in Greenville focusing on the technical aspects of flying.

B Bar D Aviation

Located in nearby Sanford, B Bar D Aviation provides a flight training and aircraft rental program for relatively inexpensive prices. As of 2011, the private flight training courses start at $110 per hour. The school also provides technical instruction and FAA test preparation. B Bar D has a 20-hour minimum for flight time, and graduates must pass the FAA light sport pilot test.

JNX Flight LLC

JNX is headquartered at Johnston County Airport in Smithfield. This flight training school provides private and commercial licenses; it provides hands-on training in Columbia 350/400 aircraft. The school also provides pilot services for people who already have aircraft but want a trained pilot to manage it.