Teen Boy Bedroom Themes With Flames

Flame designs add style to a teenage bedroom.

When planning a bedroom decorating project, consider major updates for younger teenagers who have several years left before leaving home and minor updates for older teenagers with one foot out the door. Whatever the changes made, let your teen’s personality shine through. Does this Spark an idea?

Muscle Cars

If your boy is in his mid-teens or if you live in a rental property, consider making minimal decor changes. Keep it simple and outfit your boy’s room with strategically placed metal signs of retro muscle cars and hot rods emblazoned in flames. Add more emphasis with switch plates or mirrors with flame designs. If painting the walls, consider a gray or tan that will complement the reds and oranges of the flames.


A skull theme is another good choice for an older teen because it can minimal and understated. Make fabric wall art in the shapes of flames or skulls. Use fabric with a flame pattern or shades of bone white or fiery reds, oranges, yellows and cut out your desired shape, skull or flame. Then, apply a fabric stiffener and iron the shape onto the wall. The size of the shapes is up to you as is their purpose. Either place the fabric skulls and flames on the wall or let them work for you. Use fabric flames to frame photographs or as a border around otherwise dull bulletin board. The fabric art leaves no sticky residue on the wall when removed. Further the effect with several skull sculptures placed about the room, either on the bookcase or bureau, and bed linens with skull patterns.


A motorcycle theme can be minimal and understated for an older teen or over-the-top and excessive for a younger teen. If you want minimal, outfit the room with flame wall decals that can be easily removed. However, you are going to have to bust out the paint brush if you want to be excessive. Paint the walls black and then add either wall decals in flame shapes or paint the flames yourself. The former are, again, removable but the latter are customizable. Paint flames around the headboard, paint flames around a motorcycle wall decal or around a Harley Davidson motorcycle sign. Further enhance the motorcycle theme with Harley Davidson products such as a clock or wall shelf.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Nothing says excess like rock and roll, especially the hard rock and heavy metal genres. Rather than painting a flame on the wall to frame the headboard, make one. Cover a piece of quarter-inch plywood in a base layer of cotton batting and a top layer of fabric in a flame pattern and then nail it to the wall. For more, cut the plywood in a flame shape and paint in the traditional fire colors of red, orange and yellow. Wall decals of guitars or posters of bands such as classic metal band Kiss plus bedding and pillows with guitar designs will round out the theme.