Teenboy Clothing Styles

Denim is a teenage-boy staple.

Boys are typically harder to shop for than girls, especially when it comes to clothes. That’s because most girls can find 100 outfits they’d love to have, but boys tend to have more limited ideas on what they want to wear. While styles change from year to year, there are basics that tend to remain staples throughout even the wildest trends. Does this Spark an idea?

Athletic or Skater Looks

Some boys are constantly playing or riding something. Athletic boys who are always on the go–such as basketball, football or baseball “jocks”–may prefer sports jerseys from the local universities or their favorite professional teams. Athletic clothing companies like Nike make an array of clothes suitable for sports such as basketball shorts, t-shirts and track pants. Other teenage boys simply want comfortable clothes that are ideal for skating. Long, cargo or plaid shorts; slightly baggy jeans; and graphic print t-shirts usually work well for skater boys. T-shirts can be solid colors or have bright, vibrant designs. Choose belts in black-and-white busy prints or multicolored designs.

Hip Hop or Rock Wear

Other teens who are heavily into music and popular culture may opt to dress like their favorite musicians. Many hip hop artists have clothing brands that some teens enjoy. Baggy jeans, shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts and even button-up versions of their favorite rapper’s brand will likely be coveted.

On the flip side, teens who enjoy rock or metal may opt for mostly tighter-fitting, black clothes. Watch the way their favorite band dresses and they’ll likely follow suit. Some boys may enjoy rock bands from years past; in such cases, vintage rock t-shirts may be ideal.

Name Brands and Trends

As of 2009, many teenage boys are wearing skinny jeans, which have made a comeback. Fashion trends tend to run in cycles, so what you may have seen–or what your parents saw–may be coming back now for your teenage son.

Some teen boys will wear almost anything as long as it has a certain brand’s label on it. For example, American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale are popular stores for teen boys to purchase clothes. It’s possible to build a wardrobe even with these name brands if you watch for sales and shop the clearance racks. Bargain department stores can be utilized for discounted name-brand items as well.

Hoodies are popular; some boys prefer the pullover version while others like a zipper. Baseball hats depicting a brand name or sports team, or a personalized version, are also popular with teen boys. Above all, the clothes must be comfortable for him for all of his normal daily activities.