Television Character Halloween Costume Ideas

Be your favorite small-screen hero.

Television has given us decades of unforgettable characters and innumerable ideas for Halloween costumes. Many of us have a favorite TV hero we’ve always wanted to be and Halloween provides that opportunity. Here are just a few suggestions, but almost any character can be created with the right clothes and props.

Original Star Trek Male

Wear a solid red, blue of gold sweatshirt. Trim the collar in black. You can get a star trek badge online or make one out of cardboard. Wear with black pants and black high-top boots. Tuck the pant legs into the tops of your boots. Use an old flip cell phone for a communicator. You may be able to find a “phaser” in the toy department of your local superstore.

Original Star Trek Female

Look for a short, long sleeve, knit dress. Trim the collar in black and create a Star Fleet badge out of cardboard. Wear with dark hose and black boots. Run a small microphone from a square purse or bag with a shoulder strap as a tricorder.

Homer Simpson

For the lead character of “The Simpsons,” wear a white, short-sleeve, button-down shirt, light blue pants and brown shoes. If you don’t have the girth of Homer, stuff a pillow under your clothes and strap it down with a belt. Get a Homer Simpson mask, which is available on-line and in some costume shops. Get a bald cap and draw on his sparse follicles.

Hanna Montana

Wear a long, blond wig, tight jeans, a Hanna Montana T-shirt with a cute, flashy belt and cowboy boots. Carry a microphone.

Lucy from “I Love Lucy”

Start with a short sleeve dress with a full skirt. Add fullness to the skirt with a petticoat. Wear a white apron, hose, pearls and high-heeled shoes. Your base makeup should be pale with red lipstick and heavy blush and eye makeup. You will need a curly red wig. You may be able to find a Lucy wig online.

Local TV Newsman

Wear a shirt and tie. Use fabric paint to add your call letters to a blue blazer. Use hairspray to get your hair into an immovable state. Carry a microphone with your station’s call letters.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Get a large cardboard box. Cut holes for your arms, legs and neck. Paint it yellow with spots except for a streak of brown and a streak of white at the bottom. Paint on a big smile and a little red tie. Make a large version of his work hat with eye holes to cover you head. Wear with yellow tights, white socks and brown shoes with laces. You can carry a spatula or a butterfly net.