Television Stations In Evansville In

Residents of Evansville, Ind., have the choice of four networks as well as public television.

Evansville, Indiana, is the state’s third largest city with a population of over 121,000, located in the far southwest corner of the state, along the Ohio River. It is near the Illinois and Kentucky borders and has a total metropolitan area population of 300,000. Area television viewers are served by all four major networks as well as a public broadcasting station. Three of the four network affiliates also provide local news, weather and sports.

WEHT Channel 25

WEHT Channel 25 is the ABC affiliate in Evansville, Ind. The station began broadcasting Sept. 11, 1953, as Evansville’s first television station. Owned by Gilmore Broadcasting, WEHT is a full-power digital television station operating with 1,200 kilowatts of power and offering local news, weather and sports, along with ABC programming. As of 2010, the station’s news team was being led by award-winning veteran broadcaster Brad Byrd who has been a part of the station’s news staff for over 30 years. (See References 1 and 2.)

WEVV Channel 44

Although it does not produce any local news, WEVV Channel 44 provides area viewers with national CBS-syndicated news and programming. The station is owned by Communications Corporation of America (ComCorp). With studio and offices located in downtown Evansville, Ind., the station began operating first as a Fox station before making the switch to CBS. Although it lacks local news coverage, the station’s online presence provides weather, community event listings, CBS programming information and contests for its visitors. (See Reference 3.)

WFIE Channel 14

Signing on in November 1953, WFIE has been a long-time local news source for Evansville viewers. Originally broadcasting on channel 62, the station made the switch to its current home on channel 14 in 1961. The station is an NBC affiliate and owned by Raycom Media, Inc. WFIE was the sixth television station to begin broadcasting in Indiana and has gone through several changes in ownership. The station’s call letters stand for, ‘We’re First in Evansville.’ (See Reference 4.)

WTVW Channel 7

WTVW Channel 7 covers local news, sports and weather, as well as Fox network programming for the greater Evansville, Ind., region. It markets its online home as the area’s community portal and does not use the station’s call letters in its web address. The station went through several ownership changes and a network affiliation switch prior to its purchase in 2003 by Nexstar Broadcasting Group as part of the company’s Quorom Broadcasting acquisition. The station’s call letters stand for ‘TeleVision of Western Indiana.’ (See Reference 5.)

WNIN Channel 9

WNIN TV 9 is the local affiliate of PBS Television Network in Evansville, Ind. The station began broadcasting in 1972 and continues to focus on educational, informative and entertaining programming for all ages. The station is owned by WNIN Tri-State Public Media, Inc. The station first began broadcasting in studios at an old school in 1970, but hit financial difficulties the following year that forced it off the air. A gift from the University of Evansville and community support brought the station back. (See Reference 6.)