Test A Video Capture Card

Capture cards attach through the PCI or PCI express ports on the motherboard.

Video capture cards allow the recording of live TV as well as home videos and even footage from video games. The devices themselves can be very useful but, as with all computer hardware, can come with frustrations. When video capture cards are not working, there may not always be a clear solution to the problem or problems. Before packing your capture card up and returning it to the store, there are a few things to try.


1. Install the video capture card based on the instructions from the manufacturer. Capture cards are installed within the computer and must be plugged into a PCI or PCI express port.

2. Install the included software and drivers for the capture card.

3. Connect a compatible device to the capture card. Turn on the device and run the capture card software. If no picture displays, make sure all connections are tight and completely plugged in. Go to the capture card manufacturer‘s website and verify that you have the most up to date software and drivers.

4. Run “Windows Update” (found in the start menu) to verify that your computer meets all requirements and Windows is up to date.

5. Update the drivers for your video cards. The drivers can be downloaded from your video card manufacturer’s website.

6. Remove the capture card and install it into another computer. If the capture card does not work in the other computer, it may be broken.