The Average Wages For A Motorcycle Mechanic

Some motorcycle mechanics know work on many types of motorcycles.

Motorcycle mechanics repair and maintain motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles. Though many workers learn their skills on the job or by working on vehicles informally, employers prefer those with formal training because of the growing complexity of motorcycles. Experienced mechanics may advance to service manager, or open their own repair shops, all of which affect average wages.


Motorcycle mechanics usually work indoors in repair shops or garages, but may sometimes go outdoors to the scene of a breakdown or test-drive their efforts. Many work full time with a median salary of $31,820 annually, with a range of $20,730 to $51,050. Part-time work is sometimes available from popular shops or during busy periods. Hourly pay on these occasions is $15.30, with a range of $9.96 to $24.54. This is as of May 2009 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).


The industries that hire the most motorcycle mechanics are other motor vehicle dealers, which include shops that sell motorcycles. They make up almost 89 percent of the total 16,070 jobs. They pay slightly more than the average at $16.26 or $33,810. The highest-paying employers are wholesalers of motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts. These businesses primarily sell motorcycles and their parts to businesses like retailers. They pay $23.65 or $49,190, but only offer 70 positions.


The state with the most opportunities for motorcycle mechanics is Wyoming, with a concentration of 0.40 jobs per 1,000 workers. Employers here pay slightly more than the median at $15.67 or $32,590. The state with the best-paying positions is California, whose higher cost of living boosts income to $20 or $41,590. However, with a concentration of 0.11 per 1,000, it only offers a third of the jobs of Wyoming.

Urban Areas

For urban areas that include cities and counties, the best employment is available in Deltona-Daytona-Ormond Beach, Florida, with a job concentration of 1.09 per 1,000. Pay here is better than the median at $17.10 or $35,580. The highest salaries are located in the metropolitan area around Washington, D.C., with pay at $24.57 or $51,110. Employment concentration, however, is only at 0.04 per 1,000, making it a tougher job market than the Florida cities.