The Best Brake Pads & Rotors For Harley Davidson

The safety of your Harley Davidson depends on its brake pads and rotors.

The brake system of the Harley Davidson motorcycle is one of the vehicle’s most crucial elements in terms of safety for the user. The brake pads and rotors must be top quality to make sure that the bike responds correctly when the user pumps the brake levers. Although the pads and rotors that come with any Harley Davidson motorcycle are of great quality, the user must be prepared to change them when the pads become thin and the rotors seem less effective. There is no particular rule as to how often these parts should be replaced: rather, Harley Davidson owners should replace them as soon as braking seems to be problematic or the parts seem worn out.

LRB Z Plus Brake Pads and Rotors

The brake pads and rotors made by Lyndall Racing Brakes are designed for braking effectively and to match the style of the Harley Davidson motorcycle. The LRB Z Plus rotors are made of stainless steel and are heat treated. The contact area for the brake pads is flat and smoothly finished. Drilled holes in simple arrangement ensure effective dissipation of friction heat. The LRB Z Plus brake pads are made from carbon and Kevlar for excellent stopping power. Another feature of the LRB Z Plus brake pads is the absence of any screeching sounds when braking.

Contrast Cut Element

The Contrast Cut Element brake rotors from Performance Machine are specially designed for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. The outer band of the rotors are made from 420 stainless steel. The carrier is made of aluminum and is attached to the outer band either by bolts or floating elements. The size of the rotors depend on the Harley Davidson model and whether the rotor will go to the front or the rear wheel and whether it is on the right or the left side.

Detonator Custom Floating Brake Rotors

The Detonator from Harley Davidson is a floating brake rotor that can be used as replacement for the original brake rotor for the motorcycle. It can also be used for custom wheels. The outer disc is made from stainless steel with drilled holes for effective heat management. The inner carrier is made of steel that is designed to complement and enhance the look of the wheel.

DP Sintered Metal Brake Pads

The sintered metal brake pads from DP Brakes provide excellent and fast braking performance for different Harley Davidson motorcycles in both dry and wet conditions. The pads are made from sintered metal which are known for its durability. This pad material ensures consistent stops that are effective and fade-free owing to the ability of the oxide-based ceramic on the back plate of the pad to channel the friction heat effectively.

Brembo Brake Pads

Brembo brake pads are made up of sintered and carbon-ceramic compound depending on the use of the Harley Davidson motorcycle: whether for racing, on-road, or off-road riding. The brake pads with organic compound provide constant and fast braking power in wet or dry conditions. The sintered brake pads are effective in both hot or cold temperatures and are recommended for racing or on-road use. Brembo also features fade-free and quiet braking performance.